Our Crew

-- Riski --

Riski Saputra

Graphic Designer

"Keep Dreaming and Make it Happen"

-- Sari --

Feri Purnamasari

Financial Administration

"Your Words are Your Quality"

-- Kevin --

Tegar Gevaga

Machine Operator

"Ikhlaskan yang telah berlalu, berusaha lakukan yg terbaik untuk masa yang akan datang, karena apa yang seharusnya terjadi akan tetap terjadi - All is Well"

-- Rahmat --

Rahmat Juari

Creative Graphic Designer

"Growing With Innovation"

-- Ardan --

Rizki Wardana

Media and Public Relations

"Berdamailah dengan Masa Lalu"

-- IKI --


Mechanical Electrical Engineering

"Genius is One Percent Inspiration and Ninety-nine Percent Perspiration."

-- D --

Ade Zakaria. L

Art Director

"Why so Serious?"

-- Reni --

Reni Rahmawati


"Choose a Job You Love, and You will Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life"

-- Camel --

Camelia Chandra


"Don't find Customer for Your Product, Fine Product for Your Customer"

-- Badai --

Herianto Rambe

Lawyers and Law

"Music is a Moral Law. It Gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination, and Charm and Gaiety to Life and to Everything."

-- Jambi --

Fuadhy Harwan

IT Support

"You can't Separate Peace from Freedom because no One can be at Peace Unless he has his Freedom"

-- Jenggot --

Novri Arianto

Riset and Development

"Does it Feel Good..? not Does it Like Good..?"

-- Keong --

Ade Ikmal


"Membalikkan yang Terbalik"

-- Anan --

M. Syahnan


"Lakukan dan Kerjakanlah dengan Ketulusan"

Our clients And Partners

We Have Had Several Clients And Partners Who Have Believed In Our Work